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Struggling, Restarting, Motivation
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sorry for being AWOL
what more motivation do you need!!!!
Back from Monday
:( help me
sorry but im so happy
Sorry but I am so chuffed....
Really not "on it"
Reasons for Losing Weight
Another Gain!!
Another SW moan from me!!
Christmas challenge 2009!!
Percentage weight loss
struggling a bit this week :(
how to beat the take away :)
So Far, So Good
How is everyone doing this evening???
Fed Up, Dissapointed in Myself
must not ruin it!
Feeling Fed Up
Some body help me :(
so peed off
arghhhhh soooo naughty..........
What Motivates you?
I'm such an idiot!!! :(
a bit of insperation for you all .....
Frightened to Weigh myself
Feeling down
wondering why?
biggest loser usa
Ive lost my motivation!
Everyday Struggles
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